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We are solution designers, business model innovators and system integrators to reduce your carbon footprint.  Sustainability is a strategy that helps an organization manage their resources more efficiently and responsibly.  We will look at your business holistically and identify the needs to reduce the ‘carbon footprint’. 

We have designed new frameworks, strategies and methodologies which are beyond regular standards available globally. We ensure it will make business sense to you by focusing on greater use of greener processes and smart services.

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Founder CEO

Founder, CEO, Consultant, Adviser, Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur... 

I like technology and  new age  professions. Professional work experience of 22 years as of 2018, with different companies in various global roles and functions. Traveled and Worked in many cities and countries. I am passionate about climate change and human rights. As a businesswomen, I hope to change the world. As a consultant and think tank, hope to design new solutions to help governments and industries. 

Carbonfixers has potential to become many things.

 Therefore, All consulting work is also done under @payalsploy consulting. 

Twitter / Insta  : @payalsploy

Website :   www.payalsploy.com 

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We have an amazing team !

We don't believe in anything traditional. We don't follow hierarchy. We believe in tasks and actions.  Our team comes from various backgrounds and expertise. From 5 years to 35 years of experienced consultants and engineers who are equally passionate do something more meaningful. 

We support and work with other startups and entrepreneurs through various collaborative modes. 




•   To create new opportunities that are going to emerge to save costs and reduce carbon footprint, commercialize new products and services, and create brand differentiation in the marketplace.

•   Whether you are already addressing your climate change risks and opportunities, or are at the beginning of that journey, we can help you create value in the emerging new low or no carbon economy.