Green Building Services


Green Building Consulting

- Globally Accepted  and through Certified Team Members. 

- All Local Country Specifics and other global Ratings and Certifications

- We can help you choose which one will fit the vision. All of them are very similar in context. Weight-age on scoring may differ.

- End to End Facilitation and Consultation.

- Strategy Design and Planning on "how to achieve" the ratings.

Smart Buildings

Our effort towards responsible consumption and well managed facility and cities.

Healthier Buildings

Our effort to promote well being of your employees and workers

Climate Resilient

Our effort is to design solutions Against all natural disasters. 

Environmentally Sustainable

Reduce Carbon footprint, 

Sustainable Materials and Procurement

Sustainable Transports and Logistics

We brainstorm and customise

We will facilitate, consult, audit and execute.

It can be done for all old existing buildings as well as new plans.

Disclaimer / Note :

  • Certification is pure Voluntary.  We don't sell/market/attached to/biased to any particular organisation. 
  • However, we can still make  you 360 degree sustainable without any certification.
  • We have our own Framework and Methodology and Out of the Box Strategies.
  • We use all parameters for all factors and measures.
  • We believe in Operational Efficiency and using the funds on right technology